The Colour Psychology Behind Logo Designing

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February 21, 2018
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The Colour Psychology Behind Logo Designing

Research reveals that people make a sub-conscious judgment about a brand within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Between 62% and 90% of that evaluation is based on colour alone.

Colours play a great role in logo design; every colour has its own significance and represents a different message. It is important that you choose the right colour that complements your brand, but for that you need to the meaning behind each colour in the first place.

Red is known as a warm colour which signifies energy and strength. It also represents physical courage. It is mostly used to show excitement or to gain people’s attention. However, there is also the other side of the coin; red also represents defiance, strain, visual impact and aggression.

Blue is the cool colour which is intellectual. Its positive side represents trust, duty, communication, serenity, intelligence and calmness. While talking about the negative side of blue color, it reflects lack of emotion, unfriendliness, and reserve.

Yellow is the colour of emotions. It holds the positive side which represents confidence, emotional strength, outgoingness, self-esteem, creativity and positivity. Talking of the negative side, it represents fear, depression, anxiety, irrationality, and fear.

Green is a colour that shows balance. While talking about its positive side, it signifies refreshment, universal love, encouragement, peace, awareness and harmony. Negative side of it represents blandness and dullness.

Violet is a colour related to spirituality. For positive side, it presents spiritual consciousness, quality, truth, luxury, and vision. Negative side shows inferiority, suppression and introversion.

Orange is a positive colour. It talks about security, comfort, physical comfort, fun, and food. On the contrary, the negative side of it represents frustration, immaturity and deficiency.

For pink, positive side represents love, survival of the species, femininity, nurture, warmth and physical composure. For negative, it holds the opposite of physical weakness, emotional and self-consciousness.

Grey shows the psychological objectivity in the positive side while for negative it reflects lack of energy, lack of confidence, and depression.

Black is the colour which is used almost everywhere. For a Positive side, it represents emotional safety, charm, complexity, efficiency, security and element. While for negative it shows the coldness, domination, and mass.

White shows purity, cleanliness, hygiene, clarity, fruitfulness, productivity. While for negative, it shows coldness, unsociability, and barriers.

Brown represents the seriousness, nature, support, Positive: Seriousness, warmth, reliability. For negative it shows the heaviness, lack of complexity, and lack of the funny side.

Every colour is perceived differently in a different country or region. So while choosing a colour for your logo design, make sure that you consider the geographical location of your target audience and how that colour is perceived by people there.