With an aim to deliver enhanced shopping experience and add personal touch to e-commerce, client wanted a solution that helps both buyers and sellers to connect with each other. He wanted to have a system which could help buyers easily send their buying requests to real business and receive related deals from sellers, locally or internationally.

We designed an application wherein buyers looking for products and services can seamlessly broadcast their buying requests and invite sellers to make offers or provide relevant information after their registration with the app. An option to get into direct conversation with businesses helps them receive the best offers. Buyers are given the privilege to accept or reject offers being made to them. nullam.
On the other hand, this app helps sellers to have buyers walk through their virtual doors to purchase their products and services, eliminating any advertising or marketing costs. Sellers start receiving buying requests post successful registration of businesses and can make offers or interact with real customers. It is up to sellers to decide if they want to respond to buying requests or not.

Client - Allen

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