Design Trends for 2018 Which Represent Your Company Brand

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February 14, 2018
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March 19, 2018
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Design Trends for 2018 Which Represent Your Company Brand


5 inspirational graphic design trends for 2018 which represent your Company Brand

You must have heard the phrase, “everything old is new again”, and it is actually turning out to be true for the graphic design world. 2018 will be the year to revitalise designs trends from the past. Although minimalism and simplification will continue to be embraced, some old favorites will make their comeback with modern looks.
If you wish to add some contemporary style to your designs, take a look at these 5 graphic design trends that will impress your customers.


Not so long back, gradients used to rule the design world. Almost every web page header, website button and powerpoint presentation had gradient. Even a corporate PDF looked bland without a gradient. Then, around late 2007, gradient was put on the back burner and flat design was embraced.
Today, gradients are returning to the limelight as a flat design enhancement. Used by industry leaders such as Instagram and Stripe, they have grown in popularity once again, and are seen as vibrant UI, backgrounds, illustration and overlays. If you want to fit gradients within your flat design aesthetics, creative professionals working in a forward-thinking Logo design agency Nottingham, or across the globe, can help.

More depth

Shadows are officially back in the limelight in 2018. Depth was used to help users to identify visual hierarchy, input fields as well as call to action on a screen. However, like gradients, shadows were sidelined.
When Google modernised real shadows to enhanace their UI, the idea became popular and designers working in a design agency in Nottingham, and other parts of the globe, began to reintroduce shadows.
Depths have proven to be a good fit within the evolving flat design by enhancing simplicity and usability. In near future, shadows will become a crucial aspect of semi-flat design movement. They are already being used to improve icons and illustrations, app interfaces, website designs and print designs.

Animations and GIFs

Of late, you must have heard a lot about micro interactions. But, do you know what they are exactly and what they should be used? Well, microinteractions are little animations used for communicating with users and helping them to perform tasks. They are one of the biggest UI trends and can take your design to a whole new level.
For larger animations, SVGs and GIFs are a great tool to communicate ideas and concepts while making the content look appealing to users. Emails, newsletters, ads, logos and icons are taking advantage of animations and GIFs.

Bold typography

When it comes to typography, 2018 is the year when bolder and bigger typography will be embraced. Designers associated with a design agency in Nottingham, and in other corners of the world, are choosing extra large font sizes and huge headlines. Fonts like helvetica-inspired sans serifs have taken the digital space by storm and more variations in them can be witnessed in the near future.

Trends usually seen in print media will also be making their way to screen. Experimental and artistic typography, more creative placement of images, innovative layouts and bolder variations in alignment are a few trends that you are more likely to see.

Authentic photography

Authentic photography looks real and feels real. Popularity of authentic photography increased in 2017 and will increase even more in 2018 as brands look forward to engage with their customers.

When working with custom photographs, designers in a Logo design agency Nottingham, or worldwide, need to focus on images that form an emotional connect or narrate a story.

It is an interesting time in graphic design; older trends are being modernised. The design scene is ready to get all the more intriguing as designers focus on uniqueness and individuality of a brand and its target audience.

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