Graphic Design Nottingham: Tips To Create A Killer Design

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April 23, 2018
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Graphic Design Nottingham: Tips To Create A Killer Design


In today’s competitive economy, there is no denying that a good design can make your brand pop up and stand out in the crowd. But how can you create a great graphic design?

This is where having some tips and tricks from a seasoned graphic design agency in Nottingham can help. And, this is exactly what we are here to offer.

So, let us take a look at some graphic design tips that can help you create a great logo–

Adding extra contrast

This has to be one of the most under-utilized techniques in graphic designing. Using thin, high-contrast lines can work great in distinguishing various sections of a page.

One of the best examples of this – the Download button in WordPress! These guys use color to add contrast to their popular link and are able to reap the benefits.

Now, you can think of the ways you can use contrast element to enhance your graphic design.

Playing with gradients

Another important tip that you can leverage here is to play with the gradients in your graphic design. Using the gradients you can easily make certain portions of the web page pop-up and grab the attention of target audience.

But remember to keep a natural flow while using the gradients and use them to complement the natural look of your page otherwise you might end up doing more harm than benefit.

For instance, using subtle gradients while placing a logo design on the web page can be a great place to experiment and see how it works.

Spacing and fonts

Ask any seasoned design agency in Nottingham, or anywhere across the globe, about the most important elements of graphic design, and they will come up with these two words – font and spacing.

Don’t forget typography is a far deeper art than you would have ever imagined.

You need to take care of all this while drafting elements such as headlines, paragraphs and logos on the web page.

The negative space

Another important element of graphic designing that is usually overlooked is using the negative space to add a good effect.

This can be of particular importance when you are creating a logo design in London or any other part of the world.

As the experts say – a graphic design without much negative is just like a sentence that has no space in between the words.

So, you can see how important it is to strike the balance between the negative space and your graphic elements to create a killer graphic design.


Sometimes the smallest of things make the biggest difference. That’s the case with graphic design.

If you want to avoid being monotonous and boring rotate some of the elements in your graphic design.

A small action like this could eventually bring a breath of freshness in the design, taking it away from the boring straight face.

You can find plenty of examples where businesses have used the titled alignment to create a good effect in their graphic designs.