Design Me A Logo In UK – Knowing Importance Of A Great Logo

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March 29, 2018
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Design Me A Logo In UK – Knowing Importance Of A Great Logo


The importance of a logo and why does it matter to your business

Logos are everywhere; you can easily find a plethora of logo designs around you. They communicate a company’s values and influence our decisions. But, what is the purpose of a logo and why is it created?

The primary role of a logo is to build brand identity. Trends change with the times, new design tools and techniques are introduced and embraced, but for all eternity the goal of a logo remains the same and that is to identify a business, product or a service for which it has been designed.

Thus, it is extremely important for any logo design agency to understand a business and its target audience, before actually beginning to work on any design ideas. Who are the competitors and how do they look? What colors and symbols would represent the brand perfectly? What design elements can make the logo stand apart? These are some common but essential questions that need to be considered.

A logo is more than art
Being a visual object, a logo is often mistaken to be a piece of art by many. The focus of designers should not be to create a thing of beauty; instead, a logo should be treated as a business tool that will help a business to get identified among myriad logos that are created on a daily basis. Of course, a logo should look good, but it needs to be easily identifiable first.

Why does a logo matter to your business?
When you think about a brand, let’s say McDonald’s, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For most of you, it will be a picture of its golden arches. This is because you are familiar with the logo and you can quickly relate it to your memories and interactions with the brand.

This is what a great business logo design can do; it can create instant brand recognition. It is easier for a human brain to memorize shapes and colors, which means that if a business has a unique identity in the marketplace, it is easy to recognize it and purchase its products or services.

Logo influences our decisions
Every color, font and shape is associated with a specific emotion and object. When we look at a logo, most of us make certain perceptions about the brand, its products and services. If a logo looks like the type of brand you are looking for, you would like to be associated with it. This is why a logo design agency Nottingham, or anywhere around the world, should focus on designing a logo that effectively represents a brand and attracts its target audience.

First impression is the last impression, so create a great one
With a multitude of businesses worldwide, it is utmost important for a company to stand apart and impress the target audience. If a logo design fails to create a great impression, it is likely to go unnoticed. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs opt for a DIY route or choose a low-cost, unexperienced logo design agency, not knowing the intensity of damage that they are causing to their brand. Nothing can be worse than a cheap and a wrong business logo design, so if you are thinking, “I need a creative graphic designer who can design me a logo UK”, never make the mistake of choosing a cheap option. Of course, it does not mean that expensive is always good. The key is to look for experienced and skilled graphic designers who have the knack for creating an innovative, unique and business-focused logo that communicates your brand message and helps you to stand out.

The simple your business logo design, the better it is.
You may have different elements that represent your business, but the right approach is to use the most relevant ones, ideally one or two, in a logo rather than putting all of them in the design, eventually making the logo look cluttered, complex and hard to understand.

A logo is the face of a business, so make sure it effectively speaks about your brand while appealing to your target audience.