7 Company Logo Design UK Trends for 2018 – Check out

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March 19, 2018
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7 Company Logo Design UK Trends for 2018 – Check out


Every business makes an effort to build their brand’s unique identity. This identity is essential for the business to stand out from the competition. With a great company logo design UK, a business can think of converting its customers into loyal buyers for their services.

If you are looking to get a logo designed for your brand, take a look at the following logo design trends before you choose a Logo designer for your company logo design UK.

1. The art of Cursives:
Brands keep looking for more ways to increase customer retention and having a great company logo design UK is a perfect step in the process. Cursives, or as the modern day designers refer to it as hand-lettered fonts, are becoming the best way to grab people’s attention and keep the brands relevant in customers’ minds.

This is not a new practice and is becoming very popular. Some existing and popular brands like Coca-Cola and Disney chose to get customized fonts for their company logo design UK, and today these logos are one of the most renowned logos worldwide.

2. Animate that Logo:
This is one of the least practiced but most attractive features to create a great company logo design UK. Today, almost all the marketing efforts are on the web and using animation in a logo will result in effective communication with your target audience, which is usually hard to achieve with a static logo, unless it is a masterpiece.

It also gives your brand an edge over your competitors.
A professional, detailed and elegant design should be applied to all the platforms.

3. Development of Multiple Designs:
A company logo design has to be used on different platforms for different purposes. It should, therefore, be designed in such a way that it can be used individually to capture target audience’s attention or in support of other content as a sign of recognition.

Sometimes you can add a tagline in one design and remove it in the other. You can also name the company and underline it with its history to give a more detailed effect.

4. Be Spacious:
Yes, be spacious. It might sound strange at first, but this trick works excellently for luxurious brands when they want to show their grandeur and simplicity.

Using larger, bolder, taller fonts with extended serifs in a company logo design UK gives the brand a materialistic and tangible perception.

5. Don’t shy away from Metaphors:
Metaphors are an intelligent way of engaging customers. It makes them feel smart and they appreciate the effort that goes into its thinking and development. The use of metaphors to create a company logo design is a smart way to stay relevant in target audience’s minds.

6. Grid based logos:
If your Company Logo Design UK is based around or in the grids, it is bound to have a greater recall value. This is because of its simplicity and attraction to the logical side of our brain.
A human eye immediately catches and retains something which is symmetrical and grid based logos are perfect for this.

7. Gradient color palette:
The colors used in any company logo design UK matter more than any other design element. But in 2018, solid colors will be replaced with gradient palettes. This gives a dynamic look to the design and is more appealing.

It must be used judiciously for an effective impact on the user’s brand perception and to affect their purchasing decisions.

These trends are accurate because of their derivation from the previous year’s analysis. It gives you an insight into competitors’ work and also how the audience accepts the same.

So, follow these trends to design a great corporate logo that helps you stand apart.